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[佛理禪機] 發表時間:2018-09-19 作者:則悟法師 [投稿] 放大字體 正常 縮小 關閉



  Karma means a good or evil act leading to a good or evil effect, that is, physical and mental activities such as behavior, action, function and will. Karma is one of the main teachings of Buddhism. The existence of the universe and the continuation of life will all depend on the support of karma. Due to the binding of karma, all sentient beings will indulge in the Three Realms (trayo dhātava) and cannot attain enlightenment without exception from the beginningless to this lifetime. Kṣitigarbha-bodhisattva-pūrva-praṇidhāna Sūtra states: “Karma is so powerful that it can be as high as Sumeru, be as deep as a giant sea, and obstruct the path to enlightenment." Therefore, karma is inconceivable.